Asked Questions

1..Who is FiftyOne? FiftyOne is a groundbreaking global ecommerce company that allows us to present our international shoppers with product prices in the currency of your choice, aggressive international shipping costs and the lowest possible order total. FiftyOne allows us to serve the best possible shopping experience to our international customers, so that you can buy from us with certainty. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2..Can my order be delivered internationally? Yes! Through our arrangement with FiftyOne, we're pleased to provide an enhanced international shipping experience for customers.International shoppers will now get the benefit of seeing product prices in their local currency, guaranteed order totals provided by FiftyOne, cost-effective international shipping and much more. For a list of available shipping countries and shopping currencies, please visit international shopping. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3..How will I know how much my order will cost? Just add items to your bag and click on the checkout button. FiftyOne will calculate and display an order total in your preferred currency, including all shipping costs from our warehouse(s) in the U.S. to the FiftyOne warehouse and the cost from the FiftyOne warehouse to your selected international destination, and any applicable duties and taxes imposed by the customs and revenue authorities in the destination country. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4..Are there any additional costs that will be due upon receipt of my order? Nope! When you use the FiftyOne global checkout, you'll be provided with an order total in your preferred currency. The order total presented will be the exact amount you'll be billed by FiftyOne. There will not be any additional costs billed upon delivery or due as C.O.D. charges. Please note: reserves the right to correct pricing errors. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5..How can I track my international order? Tracking your package(s) through FiftyOne is easy! Go to order tracking for more information. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6..Can I change or cancel my international order after it has been placed? Unfortunately, you are unable to make changes to your order after it has been placed. If you would like to cancel your order you can contact us at (IDD #) +1+513-573-7912 during business hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 9pm ET Saturday 9am - 7pm ET Sunday 11am - 7pm ET All European Union customers have a right to back out of a purchase within 7 days of completing the transaction (e.g. placing the order on the website). If a European Union customer cancels their order during this 7-day period, FiftyOne will reimburse the customer for the cost of the product(s) AND any extra fees (e.g. shipping) paid by the customer to receive the item. FiftyOne can, however, charge the customer for cost of shipping goods back to FiftyOne. Lastly, reimbursement by FiftyOne needs to occur in a timely manner - within 30 days. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7..Can I place an international order to ship to multiple addresses? Unfortunately, no. International Orders may not be split between multiple destinations. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8..Can I purchase a gift card or use a gift card as payment? Unfortunately, we don't currently support the sale of gift cards to international customers or the redemption of gift cards for orders shipped internationally.